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Clothing designer the world
Clothing designer the world
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It's officially 2021! New year, new rules & thirst for bespoke fashion. Whether you want to shop for a new outfit or complete the look with a simple but effective touch you can find all your answers here.


Creator and fashion designer of AMB by Tolani.

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Unisex Footwear for kids apart from sneakers

Anytime unisex footwear's are mentioned, they're automatically assumed to be sneakers. However, they're over a thousand other unisex footwear available for kids. Unisex footwears ...  more  

Best celebrity X designer collaboration for kids fashion.

A lot of well know celebrities collaborate with big time designers to produce kid's items. Through the years, we've seen big names from adult fashion collaborate with celebrities, ...  more  

Kid's Brand Instagram Accounts to View

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Best days for sales apart from Black Friday

Yesterday held the biggest sales this year has seen so far. It was an exciting feeling, having desired cloths for lesser prices. The kids were obviously not left out with stores li...  more  

Kids deserve designer labels too!

There's a different air and energy attached to high end brands, maybe it's just the name or the importance placed on it. It can be frustrating financially and puts a dent on your p...  more  

Halloween costumes you can make at home

homemade halloween costumes, for those that preferably, enjoy creating their own costumes for or with their kids.  more  

Fashion jackets for kids this winter

Shopping during the festive season is stressful and products are usually much more expensive, it's advisable to purchase a few weeks to or a month, if possible. That being said, wh...  more  

Back to bags in 2020

Apart from durability, the size and weight of the bag matters. Some backpacks are heavier than the items placed inside. whether is affordability, durability or comfortability here ...  more  

Flashback to sandals kids wore this summer.

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5 things to watch out for when shopping for kids.

Shopping is fun, some might even argue with you that it's therapeutic!  more  

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