Yesterday held the biggest sales this year has seen so far. It was an exciting feeling, having desired cloths for lesser prices. The kids were obviously not left out with stores like amazon, Macy's, target and  Nordstrom selling cloths with up to 40% discounts on them. Christmas is definitely going to hit different this year, heard even the new ps5 was on discount in some stores. So am certain Christmas presents are ready. If peradventure, you missed yesterday's black Friday sales, don't be sad or disappointed there are many more sales this holiday. Here are 5 Mega sales that will are going down this holiday: 

Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving, it's exclusive to online shoppers. This is the biggest day for online shopping every year, with close to 50% discount from most online stores. This is definitely a good compensation if you missed the black Friday sales. 

Free Shipping Day: The feeling of a free shipping day is appreciated when the cost to ship is almost same price as your order or in some cases more than your order. Applies exclusively to online shopping. This year online free shipping day is Dec 24th.

Super Saturday: Super Saturday is the last Saturday to shop right before Christmas. Which falls on the 21st of Dec, it's for last minute shoppers. Amazing deals are still going to be available during this time.

Christmas Eve: There is late and there's extra late. Either due to schedule, laziness, or perhaps forgetfulness. What ever the reason, research shows that shopping on the 24th of Dec, you're likely to still meet great discounts, maybe cause the stores already know there will be latecomers. 

Boxing Day: You will think the day after Christmas means end of sales but no, the holidays continues. Prices are slashed as inventories are cleared. 26th of Dec is one of the day's to shop this holiday for amazing discounts and deals. 

Hope you've taken note of all these days and are ready to shop. it's advisable to shop online cause of the virus that is still very much active and shopping in stores especially on days as the above exposes one to risk.

Until Next Time,

Be Safe,