Year 2020 had every child sitting at home for the longest of time due to the pandemic, thankfully things are beginning to look up and resumption to schools have slowly but steadily begun in certain parts of the world. Another shopping, Another list. One am helping you mark off your list is the backpack or school bags as commonly called. Backpacks are not limited to kids alone but are mostly used by kids. Getting one for your child is easy and necessary but purchasing a durable, long lasting one can prove to be a little bit difficult. A back pack isn't a school item that should be bought every resumption, getting a durable backpack ensures this. Apart from durability, the size and weight of the bag matters. Some backpacks are heavier than the items placed inside. whether is affordability, durability or comfortability here are 5 backpacks that are good for kids:

L.L.Bean Backpack: This bag right here will keep books, money, writing materials and many more in the pockets designed. Its a classic that you can be rest assured is durable beyond a school year. Did I also mention its weather proof, so your child's book is safe dry?

Skip HOP Backpack: I think its important to put into consideration things that will hold a child interest when shopping for them and this animal themed back bag does just that. Its especially perfect for toddlers not so much space for teenagers and their many items but at least it has compartments for snacks and supplies, and will make your babies willingly wear a backpack.

Nike Kids' Brasilia Backpack: Nike decided to show out when they made this backpack cause durability is their game. It is a sure one to hold all your kids supply from the beginning of the school year to the next.
Pottery barn kids: No limit on the age range for pottery barn kids as the Mackenzie navy solar system glow in the dark back pack comes in mini, medium and large sizes. With extra strap and pockets for water bottles and lunch box, this bag is made of polyester which makes it water resistant. Also it glows in the dark.
Lands' End Backpack: This backpack is very lightweight regardless of the content in it. It comes in a range of colors and different sizes, also has a double compartment to help kids stay organized. This backpack is spacious, affordable and durable.

While some parents might feel all backpack are the same, kids are bound to feel otherwise. Some backpacks aren't attractive enough, some are too heavy, some too small, these are few reasons while parents need to carefully choose when buying backpacks for their kids.

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