When two or more people are wearing particular item, you know there is something special about it, which is basically how trends are started. There are certain sandals that are popular among the kids these days and you can be rest assured that there comfortable, durable and flexible, hence, parents getting it for their kids. As summer has come to an end, let's flash back to the 5 popular sandals worn by kids this summer:

Timberland Adventure Seeker: This has been one of the most popular sandals for a long time now, made by the popular brand Timberland, known for making quality shoes. With their wide range of collection for kid sandals, the adventure seeker has proven to be a sought-after for kids by parents. It has a comfortable foot bed, it's water friendly, lightweight and durable with adjustable strap and simple hook. Kids definitely had fun in this footwear all summer long.

Carters Jupiter: This was another sandals that was widely worn this summer. Although it's not water friendly, it has a synthetic sole which makes it durable, and also hook and loop closure that makes wear or taking it off very easy for kids.

Crocs Kids Crocband II: What's a summer without crocs? Crocs still one of the comfortable footwear ever made can't be left out of the list as its durable and long lasting, also its water friendly and very lightweight. With a wide range of Crocs, crocbrand II stood out this summer with
 It's hook and loop closure. Making easy for kids to play or run with a tighter and more secure fit.

Teva Tirra: Teva has years of experience when it comes to creating sandals. It's no surprise that they're on this list. This summer popular Teva model, Tira comes in different colors and styles, its very lightweight and water friendly. Tira has an amazing strap making it easy to wear, it is also available for adults.

Adidas Adissage: This has to be one of the cheapest sandals out here, its the best option to wear when you want to run errands or lazy around the the house. This iconic sandals is available for babies, toddlers and adults. Its the best casual summer slip on.

Sandals, just like sneakers and other footwear can be worn outside and some even for special occasions. It takes lesser time to wear them and kids tend to leave sandals on their feet longer than other footwear. 


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