Shopping during the festive season is stressful and products are usually much more expensive, it's advisable to purchase a few weeks to or a month, if possible. That being said, what's winter without jacket? A cold season is what it is. And we know the cold is not friendly for kids as it can leads to them getting the flu or fever. Without a jacket, the child's movement is restricted and unable to play as much. Jackets for winter is unlike any other fashion jacket worn during other seasons, it has to be thicker but still comfortable. Here are 5 fashion jacket that kids can wear during winter:

Leather Jacket: Due to its thickness of fabric, leather jacket is an ideal fashion jacket kids can wear during the winter to keep warm. Ensure it also as an equally thick linen on the inside, that guarantees warmness and comfort.

Denim Jacket: Denim jacket worn during winter should not be worn alone, but instead a thick layers of cotton or other comfortable fabric can be worn on the inside to help keep warm and fashionable. 
Fur Jackets: When the weather is extremely cold, a fur jacket or coat will keep you very warm. Though it might look and feel a little bit heavier than your regular jackets, trust, its just as fashionable, even more so.

Wool coats: I had to add this along with jackets cause its one of the best and most regular item worn to prevent cold. As a parent, your child must own a pair of wool coat cause it serves as an insulator and will keep them warm. Wool gloves, Wool cap and Wool scarf is an added mix for extra warmth, also for a complete fashion fit.

Polar fleece jackets: Polar fleece jacket comes in many styles some with a hood, some with high necks and so on, however the constant thing here is that it is thick and keeps the body warm in times of cold. Most prefer to wool cause it lightweight and breathable.

These are jackets to get for kids when shopping this coming festive season, certain stores have started festive sales and discount already. What are you waiting for?


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