Shopping is fun, some might even argue with you that it's therapeutic.  However, shopping for someone else especially kids  can be ethic, cause it requires a lot of care and attention. Unlike you shopping for yourself, which is based mainly on appearance and taste, kids shopping is based on comfort, appearance, fitting and many more.  Unfortunately, you get to shop for them regularly as kids outgrow cloths faster than adults. Here are 5 things to watch out for when shopping for kids: 

Designs and Patterns: Keep in mind that whatever design or slogan the cloth has must be child-friendly. Make sure its also something the child you are shopping for is interested in, that's how to get kids to wear cloths repeatedly. For patterns, it should be known that certain patterns make dirt less obvious.


Size: Getting the right size or a size bigger when shopping for kids is safer and better than getting a size smaller. If there is no refund on the cloth purchased, its automatically wasted. You can also take a previously owned cloth that still fits to measure against the interested one.


Colour:  While some parents think choosing neutral colours when shopping for their kids is playing it safe, I beg to differ. Kids generally have vibrant personalities and they look very beautiful in pop colours.


Fabric: The fabric will obviously differ depending on the season you're shopping in, however feel the fabric  and ensure its not likely to cause a reaction on your child, even if it will be quiet difficult to know that from a touch. Also check for the washing machine instructions. 


Buttons and Zip: Make sure that these are present and functioning before you select them, it's not until you get home to realize that half the button is missing or the zip is stuck. 
It's always nice shopping for infants and toddlers as you get to make the ultimate decisions and most times they don't pay attention to details, where as, shopping for teenagers is whole ball game, one you might never right. 

Until Next Time,
Be safe,