Halloween is less than a week away. I had previously listed stores where halloween costumes can be gotten for kids. Now, however, am focusing on homemade halloween costumes, for those that preferably, enjoy creating their own costumes for or with their kids. It can be challenging of cause, also there's the possibility of it not appearing as you want it, especially it's your first time creating costumes. it's advisable to watch DIY videos  to have an idea on how the costume you want is done. Some characters are so easy to create you don't need to go to stores for them. Here are a few characters whose costume you can easily be create in the comfort of your home without stress:

Unicorn: At a particular stage in life, we all wanted to be a unicorn. They're so cute, as you know, kids still feel they're real. Oh well, all you need is a horn which can be made with the use of Styrofoam and glitters, white hoodie and leggings which represents the body that the horn, ears and tails are attached to. Lastly the colored tail which can be made using different colors of yarn (pink and purple inclusive).

Mermaid: This character never grows old. Just like the movie, little mermaid, you can turn your daughter into Ariel. All you need is a pair of scissors, needle and thread, green recycling bag or green spandex fabric for fish inspired tail and green leotard. You can add a red hair if you want.

Alien: Here is an Halloween costume I don't see on toddlers enough, consider how really cute and easy this is. Things needed are spray paint for rain boot, glue to attach foam circle to the middle of the head band, a pipe cleaner and a pencil for antennae, scissors for cutting, silver leotard, silver legging and green tutu. Voilà! an alien is born.

 Gnome:  How to turn your child into a gnome?...lol. All you need is a white felt with long sideburns for beards, a glue gun and a velcro to be attached to the top of each sideburn, a cotton balls and hot glue to attach them and an eyebrows are also cut from the white felt. Also to complete this look a grey or navy pants is needed, a blue long-sleeved tee, a makeshift felt belt, a red hat that can be made from construction paper and brown shoes, which are probably already available at home, makes your child into a gnome.

Zeus: This is one easy God to create. With the help of a DIY, this look can be made in under an hour. What you need is a white sheet, gold paper, cotton balls for beards and a paper lightning bolt. 
Peter pan: Peter pan costume is created with following items; a simple green tunic or green polo, scissors to cut the tip in a zigzag motion to produce triangular ends,  green leggings, a green felt for shoes and cap, a red feather and finally a belt sword sheath.

Creating Halloween costume is alot fun and memorable especially if the kids are involved. Did I mention it's cheaper also? There are so many perks to creating your kids costume, however if you're not chanced or just aren't getting it. It's also okay if you buy costumes. 

Until Next Time,
Be Safe,