There are more than a million pages dedicated to kid's fashion on instagram. These accounts provide fashion inspirations, guide in selection and display fashion trends. With the help of an influencer, a model or simply displaying the fashion item itself, fashion brands are a lot more fun to view now more than ever. Almost all kid's fashion brand on instagram are verified, some more interesting and attractive than others. Depending on your taste, here are 5 kid's fashion brand on instagram you should check out:

Carter's: @carters, is a brand for babies and kids, their instagram page shows this. Onsies for babies, sweaters for toddlers, combined outfits for kids and many more are shown on their page. For a chance to be featured on their page, tag @carters. This page has a warm feel to it, giving the urge to purchase items.

H&M kids: @hm_kids , definitely have instagram on lock, with 2.5milion followers to show for it. This page features babies, toddlers, occasionally their parent. Items ranging from sweaters to dresses, head wrap, onsies, shirts amongst other things, can be found on the page. For a kid to be posted on the official page, #hmkids.

Gapkids: @gapkids, lay majority of their items out on the page for their 1.3 million followers to view. Both parent of a toddler are sometime seen posted on this page. Their instagram page gives siblings matching outfit inspiration, kid's gifts suggestion and comfortable outfit vibes.

Nova Kids: @novakids, will make you want to shop for babies you don't have. Their page is so fun to view, which shouldn't be all that surprising since the adult page, fashionnova makes you want to shop till you're in debt. This page has on of the best mommy and me features. Remember to use #novakids when wearing the brand to be possibly posted on their official page.

Janie and Jack: @janieandjack, brings a different twist to fashion for kids. Unlike most kid's brand fashion page that has a casual, warm and laid back looks, this page gives off complex and classic looks. This page is best viewed for outdoor and occasional styles. Show your style off with #janieandjacklove.

Viewing a brand's official instagram page is the modern day window shopping. You never know what you might find.

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