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About Us

Bespoke Fashion That Everyone Can Enjoy

AMB by Tolani began life more than two decades ago and was created by Tolani Fajobi. It was during this time that Tolani worked on behalf of a friend owned a shop. Clothing and shoes were very popular and Tolani decided to design and sell her own products, which soon enough, people started to buy. So, Tolani decided to increase production and find factories who would make her products. Not only would people in London want to buy her products but also the people in the factories wanted to make purchases.

Two decades later and AMB by Tolani is still going strong. That longevity is down to the fact that our designs stand the test of time and are not only easy to maintain but comfortable and well fitting. We have also taken the time to ensure that all of our products are manufactured the right way. Since our beginning we’ve had one mission, and that is to provide high-quality clothes that everyone can enjoy. So, click on our products page and take a look at some of the bespoke fashion pieces that we offer.







Our Values

Ethically Produced

We have searched far and wide around the world to find the right factories to produce our boutique clothing. We only work with factories that we have personally inspected which we know do not use child labour and pay a fair wage to all of their employees. Our products are produced in a range of places including India, Egypt, Malaysia, Portugal, Turkey or Italy – and we have verified each and every one. So you can have total peace of mind when you purchase any of our clothing, safe in the knowledge that it has been manufactured the right way.



Quality Materials

We believe that great clothes should stand the test of time, and this is reflected in our products. Our hand-made shoes are constructed from only the very best materials in established footwear companies around the world. Whilst our bespoke fashion clothing is always manufactured from at least 95% cotton. Our emphasis on quality materials means that our clothing not only feels great but has an excellent shelf life. Many of our customers have commented how long our products last, and you too will be amazed at the durability.



Made to Last

We believe that high quality clothes should be available for everyone. So, we make sure to price our products at a fair and transparent price that everyone can take advantage of. Also, because our clothing is designed to last long into the future, you’ll save even more money in the long run because you won’t have to constantly replace items of clothing. If you would like to browse all of our bespoke fashion pieces, then please visit our products page here.







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