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Founded more than 25 years ago, AMB by Tolani is an independent fashion brand that specialises in bespoke fashion for men, women and children. Timeless designs are the trademark of our brand and we believe in creating classic boutique clothing that stand the test of time. Every dress, shirt and trouser we sell is designed by us and produced in ethically run factories that have been inspected by us. We always use quality materials but make sure to never sell at exorbitant prices. So, come on in and discover some of the hand-made shoes, pretty little dresses and boutique clothing that we have at AMB by Tolani.




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Worldwide Shipping

Wherever you are from, you'll be able to rock our clothes!

Quality Materials

All of our bespoke clothing is manufactured from at least 95% cotton.

Ethically Produced

All of our factories have been inspected and verified to be ethically run and free from child labour.


Exclusive Designs

You won't find our in-house designs anywhere else.

Secure Payment

Your details are 100% safe with us.

Limited Edition 

Once our clothes are sold, they're gone forever. So, make sure you're quick!



Whether you are looking for clothing that will keep you warm and stylish in the winter or cool and polished in the summer, we have the clothes for you. Our men’s range of clothing is designed with you in mind. All of our pieces are constructed from durable materials that feel luxurious and look effortless. Wherever you are going, you will look amazing wearing something from AMB by Tolani.


If you are looking for beautiful handmade clothing that looks and feels great, then check out our women’s range. From stunning dresses to beautiful heels, we’ve worked hard to create a women’s range that is elegant, striking and attractive. Made from quality materials that are comfortable to wear, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for you in our bespoke fashion collection for women.



Our range of bespoke clothing for little boys and girls is stylish, vibrant and simple. Your child will not only look great but will love wearing our pieces which are comfortable, colourful and easy to clean. We produce a number of kid’s pieces including dresses, trousers and bespoke shoes. The vast majority of our clothes are constructed from cotton, and this is not only better for your kids but for the environment in general.


Our hand-made shoes are constructed from the best materials to ensure that they are not only beautiful but durable and comfortable. From lace ups to slip on shoes, all of our bespoke shoes are produced in specialist factories around the world. We produce our shoes in a range of colours making them totally versatile and suitable for almost any kind of occasion whether formal or informal.


If you have any questions about our bespoke fashion, our delivery or our sizes, get in touch with the team at AMB by Tolani.

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