Even if not all cloths, kids should own at least one designer clothing in their closets. There's a different air and energy attached to high end brands, maybe it's just the name or the importance placed on it. It can be frustrating financially and puts a dent on your pocket but it's worth it. Till your kid ruins an $80 tee with ink..lol. While am one to research on discounts, sales, thrift and affordable clothing for kids, I think your kids should own a pair of designer items too, as they can also feel left out, especially in this digital age. After all, we work to provide a better life for them than we had. Here are 5 high end brands you can shop for kids:

Fendi: Fendi's been on everybody's neck for the past year now. This popular Italian brand has a very impressive kid's collection that will make you want to rob a bank to provide it for your child. With prices like $1092 for a stroller pushchair, this brand sure stands out in luxury.

Gucci: Gucci is an amazing Italian brand lots of youth seem to enjoy wearing. From shoes to belt, head bands, tee and even jean. Gucci is one luxury parents can invest in for their kids, as it screams class. Their kids collection is actually better off and more subtle than the adult one.

Burberry: London's very own Burberry is well know around the world and it's kid's collection isn't left out. Very impressive with an even jaw dropping price as In case
Of Burberry coat for $450. Burberry clothes make use of beautiful and colorful designs  and patterns,  creating cloths that kid's feel comfortable in. 

Dolce & Gabanna: Growing up, I saw a lot people wearing Dolce & Gabanna. Unfortunately, we were one of the many people who couldn't afford it. Their kid's collection is timeless, one thing is for certain this brand has style. 

Balenciaga: This is one brand everyone just can't seem to get enough of, I like to call it the new school brand. Their kid's collection is basically the same as the adult's, just in smaller sizes. Quite expensive but whew, I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks.
If there's one thing high end brands are good at, it's making classy and unique styles. The best fabrics are used and designs are created with care. You definitely get your money's worth dressing your kid in one of them. 

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