There is something rather attractive about a slogan tee, I think we all can agree that curiosity gets the best of us once we see an inscription on a T-shirt.
While some slogans are "sassy" and "funny", we have seen others that are empowering, those about love and unity amongst others. One things is for sure, you always end up with a smile on your face after reading a slogan on your child's T-shirt. If you have always admired T-shirts with beautiful slogans on them but don't know where to get them for your kids. Below are 5 stores to check out:
 Rocket & Rose: Rocket & Rose have a very exciting t-shirt design and slogan for your kids. At affordable rate, you get to smile every time you see these T-shirts. With inscriptions like "Quarantine kid", "I turned 8 quarantine and the sun still shone"    and so many more to offer. It definitely has the slogan thing in check.
Teepublic: This has unique slogans for your kids, ranging from funny to sarcasm to feelings and even memes. The print are of good quality and its designed by independent artists around the globe.
Etsy: This another lovely store that has unique or custom and even handmade slogan T-shirt collection. Slogans like "ice cream appreciation society" will put you in a good mood always.
Gap: Gap has a few inspirational slogan T-shirt for your kids. Combining slogans like “stay sharp”,  “courage” with beautiful designs, makes it stand out.
Zara: Although the walk-in stores are currently closed, the online store houses a very nice assemble of T-shirts including slogan t-shirts for your kids. The slogans are on states, empowerment and inspiration.
A number of this slogan tees are making their rounds on social media especially those with slogans relating to the current pandemic such as "quarantine kid". It's really just trying to find humor in the situation, which is what the world needs.
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Be safe