Spring fashion is all about colours, flowers, print, pattern and designs. The beauty of spring is seen outside but as the world is experiencing a pandemic, you play dress up instead. Dress your child like it's every other year and all is well in the world, except they aren't allowed out of the house. This quarantine period is the best time for bonding with your child, even if they might not be interested..lol. Let's be honest you have absolutely nothing doing, neither do they. So get ready, cause am about to list the cloths that are suitable for spring.
1. Rompers
 Rompers in bright colors with its pattern and prints is just what is needed for spring. Offering comfort while being stylish and trendy. It's perfect for moving about, it can either be in form of a short sleeve, sleeveless or long sleeve or 3/4 length sleeves. Rompers are definitely suitable for spring.
2. Floral Prints
 Nothing screams spring like a floral print. Must be the flowers that bloom during this season, either ways Floral prints dress can be worn out for Sunday brunch, Easter or even visiting family. Floral prints no matter the style is designed in, has a way of making one feel beautiful.
3.  Jeans
 Guess a pair of jeans never goes out of season. Well, a good pair of Jean with amazing designs on it are perfect for spring. Especially if the its a floral design and the size is just right? Welcome to spring.
4.  Colored and striped T-Shirt
Kids are a little more carefree In a T-shirt and comfortable too. Especially boys, who love playing and getting dirty. Well, we still keep them stylish for the spring in their brightly colored T-shirt.
5. Ballerina flats
This shoe can be paired with any type of look either a legging, jeans, jeggings, dresses or skirt. Appropriate for play dates or something more dressy. It helps create the perfect spring look.
6. Sneakers
The weather is warm and your children are thinking of going out to play. You lace their feet up with a sneaker. A rubber sole sneaker is advisable. Girls can rock it with their cute dress or skirt, a pretty color or print gives it a feminine look.

Its important to note that all clothing must be absolutely comfortable. With warm, breezy weather in the spring, dressing up in bright colors is exactly what is needed, also ensure the fabric of each cloths is laundry friendly. 
Until Next time,
Be Safe,