While everyone is looking forward to the Summer, dressing up during summer season can be challenging for a mother considering not just any cloth can be worn during that period. Certain factors are kept into consideration when choosing a cloth for your kids to wear during the summer period such as the heat and the child's comfort. As a result, the fabric of summer is different from that of other seasons. Below are 7 fabrics recommended for the summer:

1. Cotton: Cotton is one of the best choice of fabric for the summer. Its breathable, comfort able and it absorbs sweat. It can be worn at anytime of the day or at night time. Cotton can be used make blouses, cover-ups and even summer dresses which can be gotten at stores like forever 21, ambbytolani, H&M and a variety of others.

2. Linen: Linen is an amazing choice of fabric for the summer, the comfort of linen goes beyond a summer bedding. Linen is breathable, lightweight, absorbent, removes perspiration from skin. It also feels good to touch and gives coolness in the hot weather. Linen cloths can be gotten in stores like amazon, etsy, Janieandjack etc

3. Chambray: Although Chambray is similar to denim, but it's a different fabric altogether. Because it is made of cotton or linen-finished gingham, it gives a cool feel in dry heat and humidity. Chambray is lightweight and breathable. Chambray cloths can be gotten at Macys, untuckit, gap, madewell, farmstores etc

4. Rayon: Rayon/viscose is made from man-made cellulose fibre, it imitates the feel of cotton thereby offering a similar coolness and comfort. However Rayon has very thin fibres making it more breathable and absorbent than cotton but it looses its strength when wet as opposed to cotton still retains strength when wet. Rayon cloths can be gotten in stores like Amazon, zappos, targets, Macys etc

5. Seersucker: Seersucker is a plain woven cotton fabric which is very lightweight, thus, perfect for the summer. It is use to design slacks, jackets, hat, shorts and suits. Seersuckers cloths can be gotten at Amazon, Zulily, Nordstrom etc.

6. Lace: Lace is the official goto occasion dress for the summer. Birthday parties, weddings, play date, award ceremonies. The lace is a saving fabric for your summer outings, works well for your kids and even on youself. The lightness of the fabric coupled with the open web like pattern allows for enough coolness on the skin. Lace can be gotten at Amazon, H&M, Macys, Kohls etc.

7. Crochet: Crochet can be considerable suitable for the summer depending on the lightness. Some crochet are knitted to be extremely thick such people wear it for the winter. where as, crochet can also be made to be light, breathable and comfortable. Dressing a child during summer can be challenging as the kid's comfort and coolness is more Paramount than the style. With the exploring and playing children do, they stand a bigger chance of been exposed to the sun than adults and the heat doubles for them, as they likely won't know when to take a break. As a result, getting the right fabric is essential when considering your choice of cloth for your children this summer.

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