Everyone needs protection from the sun, hence, every human has a right to a sun-shade. Sunshades or sunglasses as their commonly called provides the ultimate finishing in a fashion look, its a different style once the 'shades' are involved. Growing up for me I always had a thing for sunshades, but they were made for only adults then, the ones for us kids were 'toy shades' nothing fancy but am glad things have evolved and kids can wear real sunshades like adults do. Not only are sunglasses compulsory fashion accessories, they also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Here are 5 sunglasses brand for kids:
Yes, that popular sunglass brand that adults wear about has a kid line too. Ray-Ban's junior sunglasses will make your kids look like stars in a kid-friendly style.
Disney’s Sunglasses Collection:
Disney is no new name to kids, however, it might be a little bit surprising that Disney has a sunglasses collection. This collection   is filled with variety of colors, kid designs and offers comfort.
Dolce & Gabbana Children’s Collection:
Here is another household name in the world of sunglasses. Any adult that owns a pair of this shades, will waste no time in purchasing one for their child.

Elle Kids Sunglasses Collection:
I think every female child should have a pair of Elle kids sunglasses collection, it has vibrant colors and will have your little princesses looking trendy and elegant.
Gucci Child Sunglasses Collection:
With a wide range of colors and designs, its no wonder this collection is one of the most sort after. Gucci has inscribed their name in the heart of fashion and sunglasses are not left out.

There is a certain coolness attached to rocking a sunshade. It can be worn to the beach, mall, and lots of other cool places.
Its one fashion accessories that guarantees a boss look.
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