Wearing a dress will always be considered chic no matter the occasion or season. The styling and design on the other hand will determine if the dress is deemed appropriate for the occasion. 
When confused on what to wear, on most occasions, it’s advisable to go with a dress. I personally just go with a little black dress, it works every time. Also, if you need to dress your daughter up for an occasion and you’re conflicted on what to choose, pick a dress, style it based on the occasion. A jean jacket on a mid length dress says causal, play date. A dress with sneakers (yes, that’s a way to style) is also another casual form of styling. A dress with a tummy belt can be for a school occasion depending on the type of event, a dress with covered shoes can be for their Sunday best. 
Thankfully, dresses come in different designs, fabric, color and style, as this is one item a girls closet should never run out of. Shopping In stores gives you and your child an opportunity to bond as there are always bunch of dresses and brands to choose from, making you conflicted with choices.

 Well, based on their comfort, durability and fashion. here are 5 dress brand your child should have:

Amb by tolani: This bespoke store boasts of unique dresses for little girls. From summer to formal dresses, this store has it in variety of designs and patterns for your kids. The sophistication attached to the dresses available on their website is a reason while this store is on our list of recommendation. At a reasonable price of £12 and above, you can get an amb by tolani custom made dress for your child.

Zara: Zara has one the most comfortable dress collection you can come across. Their designs are also a reason to check them out, from floral to tie-dye, Zara is a good idea for the summer. The price of their dresses varies but with as little as $19.90, you can purchase a Zara dress for your child.

H&M: I might be exaggerating when I say every child has an H&M cloth in their closet. Just peradventure, yours doesn’t, you need to go get one for the as soon as your done reading this. Cause when it comes to casual everyday outfits, H&M takes the cake. Floral prints, classic stripes, playful polka dots, or just literally any design of dress you need your child to wear, this brand has it. The dresses are also designed with kids in mind judging from the appearance of most. You can styles this dresses to your taste and will look more sophisticated than ever. H&M dresses can be gotten with as low as $4.99.

Next: If you want your child to steal the limelight from her peers, well shop Next. This brand has casual dresses, Party dresses and even Beach dresses. This dresses are available to children as little as 3 months old. There is a range in color and design of each dresses making one stand out from the next. From Soft Hues To Bold Prints, this a brand worth wearing and your kids can too with as low as $8.

Primark: Primark dresses make kids look classy. Their designs have an air of sophistication around them, funny cause we grew up on this brand and it’s still in vogue. Dresses are available for newborn babies and older kids and made suitable for to their taste. Primark’s fabrics are definitely durable and authentic, that’s from experience. Primark make dresses for every occasion party dresses, formal dresses and casual dresses. Shop their wears for as low as £12.

Styling a dress can make more of a fashion statement than the actual dress. So note, no matter how cheap a dress costs, you can style it to appear very expensive.

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