Research shows that little children are more attracted to colours than style.

Most times, when picking cloths, shoes, among other things for our children, we disregard the colours. Settling for the design, durability and comfortability. While these are essential, the colour also matters a lot. Research shows that little children are more attracted to colours than style. I mean the average adult will pick out a design before considering the colour of choice, whereas, most children just want a colourful wear. Kids love bold and attractive colours especially the girls, you might want to shimmer on the bold a little for the boys. Here are 7 colours you probably didn't know your kids need: 
This is every girl's best colour, well almost, with a few exceptions. Growing up every little girl had a pink obsession, turns out every girl still has that obsession. I blame There is a certain attraction attached to the colour pink, as well as simplicity that draws girls to this colour. So when in doubt, choose pink.
This is the Next best thing to pink for a girl. If it isn't pink, then its definitely purple. Purple is an outrageously beautiful colour and its appearance on cloth or shoes makes it stand out. 
3. RED
The colour of Love. I guess that's why little children, teenagers and even, we adult are attracted to it. You can't help but fall In love with this colour. There is an allure that comes with this colour, no matter what form it makes an appearance, love always wins (Pun intended).
When it comes on Green lantern (the DC comic guy), little boys find it very cool Or In form of kryptonite (Superman's weakness), well, maybe not as much. However, Green is cool to little kids especially the boys. I personally think leave green is the best shade of green, but then again most adult don't really rock with green unless its St. Patrick's day.
5.  BLUE
As pink is to girls, Blue is to boys. Dark Blue favors dirt, in order words, as rough as your children may play this colour tends to hide the extent of dirt on their cloths. For instance, a blue jean can still appear presentable even after a rough day.
Everybody needs a black cloth regardless of their age, while some kids might not find it as attractive as other colours, black blends out all colours. Black can be bold when it appears on bright colours and attractive in form of polka dot.
This is one of most beautiful colours of spring. The colour of the sun appears very elegant on cloths especially sundresses, maxi gowns and beach wears. Not so much for footwear. Its more advisable for girls than boys cause girls are generally more careful with their wears and yellow requires care.

While white is an adorable colour with angelic representation, its not advisable for little children as casual wear. Kids love and need vibrant colours that make stand out and appear special. So parents, its time to see colours.
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