When discussing shoes, Italian ones are most common and respectable. This is cause the product have been tested and approved by many. Whether male or female, boy or girl, regardless of the size and age, this shoes varies according to the designers. The downside to Italian shoes is that, they're costly. Italian shoes can cost twice the price of a regular shoe. However, the durability speaks for itself, as they can last up to 5 years or more when properly maintained. There are so many designers that make Italian shoes for kids, but here are our top picks:

Naturino: Naturino is one of the popular Italian footwear brand for kids. With a wide range of style, leather and rather affordable collection (in comparison with a lot of Italian brand), it's no surprise to why it's amongst our top pick. With about $75 dollars or more you can cop your kid's their boot or Mary jane shoes.

Moschino: This list won't be complete without this popular Italian brand that has stolen the heart of both adults and kids. I like to admire their collection, from afar, cause this brand is a luxurious fashion brand that will put a dent in your pocket. Other than the cost, there are a thousand reasons you should get your kid's Moschino shoes. The details on them, the bright and bold colors used, the strong and comfortable sole of their shoe and so on.
With $231 you can get their lace-up boots for your child, $320 gets your child Moschino high top sneakers. 

Monnalisa: Another Italian brand on our list that is high fashion. Monnalisa, known for it's floral designs brings sophistication to your kids. Also high in price but worth every penny of course, Monnalisa produces statement shoes for kids. With $222 you can get your kids the biker boots or floral high tops for $121.

Primigi:  Here is an Italian brand we can deem affordable. With over 40 years of experience, this brand is not a stranger to Italian shoe lovers as it's one of the go to brand when shopping shoes for babies, kids and even teens. You purchase the high tops sneakers for you child with just $69.

Geox: This brand is recommended when searching for Italian sneakers or sporty shoe designs. It's very comfortable according to reviews and appearance wise, kid's will love it. $70 upwards and you can shop them for your kids.

While Italian shoes might be too expensive for the average parent to buy for their children. Put in mind that the durability of this shoes saves the cost of buying several others.


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