Have you noticed that most babies don't wear shoes till they reach a certain age? Mostly ages between 8-18 months, If at all shoes are worn before then, it is still a selective type that is highly flexible with soft sole cause shoes affect the muscles and bones of the baby's feet. When babies get to the stage for wearing shoes, it's very important to select cautiously not just based on style, design and colors but rather based on sole, comfort and flexibility. A baby's first shoe plays a large role in their walk, posture and balance.  Here are 5 brand's that produce amazing baby's shoe:

Carter's: Carter's is an household name when it comes to kids and babies item. Their products ranges from accessories, to cloths, shoes and slippers. Carter's is a trusted source for baby's first shoe, as their shoes are light weight, flexible, at lower cost and a versatile style, so it can match any outfit.


Etsy:  With a wide range of design and style to select from, etsy has lots of beautiful baby shoes. What makes it even better is that, they are handmade. Taking lots of time and care into production, the shoes are soft to the sole, flexible, made to accommodate baby's feet well and are affordable. 


Zappos: Another popular brand that makes amazing baby's shoe. They produce baby shoes that are lightweight, breathable, flexible and washable. Their slip-on sneakers is perfect for babies, its stretchy, fits like a socks and can be washed in machines.


Freshly Picked: This brand produce baby shoes imitating walking bare feet with their no sole style, just soft leather. Their shoes are lightweight with elasticity on the ankle and have different colors and styles.


Stride Rite: The brand has mostly sneakers for kids but other styles like dress, boots and sandals are available. Their baby shoes is flexible with foam in the the shoes and a round sole for balance.


Its best to avoid fashion shoes when getting your baby's first shoes as most tend to focus more on style than comfort. Also the fewer shoes you get the better, as  their feet tends to grows fast causing you to replace them within months. 


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