The world is gradually recovering from the global pandemic that hit it, while there's still is no actual cure for the corona virus, activities are gradually resuming. The lockdown has been eased in certain parts of the world and rumors of schools about to reopen in certain countries like the USA are circulating the news. Thus, it is compulsory to take all necessary precautions to protect our kids against the corona virus, which is by wearing face mask, sanitizing and social distancing. While some parents already got their needle and thread game on, others are still searching for face masks suitable for kids. Well, here are 5 famous fashion stores that have face masks suitable for your kids:
Disney: Disney characters face mask makes it easier for kids to wear their face masks and leave it on since the mask is a representation of their favorite Disney character like marvel, star wars, mickey mouse etc. This face mask is available in both small size suitable for kids of over 2 years and medium which is for older kids.  Price: $19.99 (4pack).

Socialite: Socialite has super soft masks available for both adult and children in different patterns such as polka dots, leopard prints etc. Price: $28 (2pack).

Gap Kids: Gap kids face masks provides necessary coverage of the nose and mouth, while still being breathable. They have are more than 10 different patterns and its suitable for age of 3-upwards. Price: $15.00 (3 packs)

Old Navy: Old Navy understands safety, which is why their face masks is made in line with the recommendations from CDC. The mask is reusable and comes in different colors and pattern. Price $12.50 (5 pack)

The Sis Kiss: The sis kiss face masks has adjustable ear straps and its made with 100% cotton. This brand has designs that allows for kids to be able to color on their face masks, making them more interested it. Price: $12.00 (3 pack)

As important as face masks is in our world today, it's also paramount to know that some aren't reusable, the ear straps of some are not adjustable and if too tight will make your kids uncomfortable. Lastly, ensure its breathable cause some masks are just fancy with zero means of ventilation. 


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Be Safe,