Nothing screams Christmas like an ugly Christmas sweater. In Most families, this sweaters are worn to take family pictures during the Christmas season. This ugly sweaters always holds lot of memories for us as time goes by. It comes in different designs like elf's, snowballs, snowman, reindeer, Santa, unicorns etc,  patterns, fabric and colors, some in red or green or a touch of it. The aim of the sweater is to keep the kids warm and cozy, some parents buy matching scarfs, hat and gloves with the sweaters just cause it's and cold outside.  In case you are looking to join this Christmas trend or just need sweaters for your kids this Christmas, here are 5 stores to check out:

H&M:  H&M has Christmas sweaters for the kids both boys and girls. Their sweaters have different designs on it which includes: unicorns, elf's, reindeer etc. There are also some with slogans on them instead. They're both available online and walk-in stores.

Target: Target has ugly Christmas sweaters for kids, these sweaters Have funny slogans on them. They also are cozy knit and classic with very cute patterns on it. It's available for both boys and girls.

 Kohl's: Kohl's ugly Christmas sweater for kids are the cutest. They're absolutely adorable, cozy and ugly. Its perfect for going to visit grand parents or any other close family. With different styles and design, its available for purchase this Christmas.

Macy's: Macy's has Christmas sweaters available for kids. There's  lots of options to select from when shopping for Christmas sweaters for kids here, both in design, pattern and fabric. Sweaters are available for both boys and girls. You can check out their website to view some.

Amazon:  Ugly Christmas sweaters are available at amazon at affordable prices. With different designs and pattern on the sweaters, some even have slogan on them instead. They also have sweaters for adults, making easy to shop matching sweaters for the family at once.

Ugly Christmas sweaters can also be created at home, if you're chanced, can knit well and design too, I suggest you watch DIY to guide you. Its perfect for family portraits. 

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