Don’t know what season it is as at the time our time you’re reading this but it’s safe to say, Summer has come to an end. Sadly, but gladly, onto another fashion season. The unpredictable Autumn is here, and winter is lurking around the corner. What’s the appropriate wear for autumn? Autumn fashion is the warmness of the color and softness of the fabrics. Autumn takes comfortable to the next level. Although the weather could be unpredictable with the probability of a rainfall depending on your geography. Dressing to suite the season makes for a comfortable and disaster free period. For kids Autumn fashion includes the following clothing item; sweaters, knitted hats, florals, hoodies, boots, scarves and many more. All items this Autumn are strictly on comfort, which is why we’ve made a list of 5 clothes to get your children this Autumn:

Boots: As previously stated, the weather of this season is unpredictable, it could be cold one minute and warm the next. It’s safe to say, the best foot wear to wear in a cold weather is the boot. I mean boots were worn in summer also so, incase you purchased then, you just might not need to buy them a new set. If not, check out ambbytolani for amazing, affordable children’s boot.

Cardigans: Autumn fashion really consists of clothes available in the closets. This clothing item is stylish but will keep your kids warm and cozy. It can also be styled in such a way that makes it easy to pull off once the sun comes out. Want to make it more of an Autumn fashion; select the warm, rusty looking colors of cardigan and pair it with a jean trouser or leggings and a boot. Your child is ready for the season in that.

Leggings: Leggings covers the skin, unlike in summer where it’s cool to show skin. Autumn fashion allows covering the body to be cool and fashionable. Either under a dress or a skirt, a warm colored leggings fits right into the fashion of the season. You could select either light or thick leggings depending on the atmosphere. This is probably one of the easiest item to find in your baby girls wardrobe, if it isn’t, it should be .
Hat and gloves: A hat and gloves should be incorporated into their wears, especially if you stay in a cold environment. As this items can be taken off, when it becomes warm, it essential to have it in their closet. Selecting a warm, flowery or rusty color makes them Autumn ready. And pairing it right makes it go from regular to stylish.

Tees: vintage looking rock Tees or personalized tees can be worn and/paired with denim trousers or skirts and leggings. The tees, should be in stylish and warm colors, that will ready be for Autumn fashion. Tees are usually worn in layers, amongst other clothing items including jacket. Making them fashionable that any regular tees of other seasons.

Autumn fashion consists of items readily available in your child’s closet. The color, fabric and styling, determines the outcome.

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