We all know trends are recycled and styles from years back usually make a come back. Fashion 101. That being said, there are certain shoes brands that were popular during our childhood that are still very much alive and trendy for this younger generation. These shoes brands were the 'shit' then and its quite surprising that our kids feel the same way. While some faded and had to be reintroduced, some just remained relevant through the years. Here are 5 shoes brands from our childhood that kids approve of:
Although you can't get an exact replica of the OG Chuck Taylor made then, but ones produced now are just as versatile.  Converse has proven to stand the test of time and it doesn't feel like its going anywhere, anytime soon.
Wearing vans was a popular trend in the 90s, but along the line this brand started fading. Till it was rebranded and it came out bigger than before now everybody owns a pair vans.
Our childhood would never have been complete without Fila. And its surprising that this coming generation feels the same way. It never faded but this brand made a major appearance in 2018 when it had everyone wearing its logo on socks, tees and shorts.
If you ever need an essay on how to stay relevant in life, ask Nike. This brand doesn't seem to be slowing down in the nearest future. It made our childhood especially with everyone's favorite sneakers then, Air force one. This brand still has all the cool to give, ask Air Max.
Every parent bought kickers for their kids in the 90s, the floral shape leather brings back fun memories. I never thought it will still be relevant generations later. Till it made a come back being one of the most popular brands of 2016.  

Call it nostalgia, but I think the best shoes were made in the 90s, and am glad this new generation feels the same way. 

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