As the year gradually comes to an end, it’s only right we look back at the designers that have catered to the children from the beginning of the year. These designers understood the assignment and we loved them as much as the kids do. From footwear designs to clothing designs, fashion for kid’s in 2021 wouldn’t be the same without them. They were seen on almost all children, creating trends. There are quite a number of them but here are 5 we’ve picked at random:

Burberry: This popular British brand is one of the many designs worn by kids all year round. Regardless of the season, this brand has an appropriate outfit for the occasion. From their swimsuit, to the matching t-shirt and short, sneakers, amongst other items. Burberry is definitely a 2021 anthem for kids. The price however might not be convenient for all. Cause a logo t-shirt goes for $63, it’s matching short is $86 or checkered Burberry sneakers $225. Not pocket friendly.

Gap Kids: Gap Kids design clothes for the average child, which means comfortable, affordable yet stylish. Also durability. Casual wears and School wears for kids are seen at Gap. It’s no wonder this designer is rampant amongst kids in 2021. They have cloths for other occasions too. Can get a t-shirt and short set for $45.

Yeezy: The Yeezy 450 kids released this year, has been one of the most popular footwear seen on children’s pages on Instagram this year. Both cloud white and dark slate version. This adidas yeezy collaboration seems to be exclusive to the elite as they cost a lot, the cheapest seen so far for kids was Adidas yeezy 700 MNVN infant which costs $198. The popular yeezy 450 kids costs $240 on stadium goods.

Zara Kids: Zara Kids is a brand for children that will be in trend for a very long time. They create clothes meant for kids, not what certain designers create these days. They’re clothes are appropriate, affordable and comfortable, making children feel special. From the survey we did, it’s clearly working as zara is an household brand for 2021. A matching set of top and trouser can cost $18 each.

Balenciaga: I personally love this brand. While it’s far from being pocket friendly, unless a matching set of t-shirt at $195 and short at $250 is cheap to you (then, my bad). The brand is cool and unique, their collections stand out incorporating street style into fashion with their top notch sneakers. It’s no surprise everyone wanted a piece even in 2021.

There are still a number of designers that kids everywhere are seen wearing repeatedly. These designers blessed the children 2021, we are grateful!

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