All Kid's Fashion

Here you can see our entire selection of bespoke fashion for kids.

Cream dress with a frilly mesh collar and a small flower at the side. Pink or coral flowers at the top part of the dress with pink/coral blue and crea ...
Casual, smart 3 piece; white shirt, black trousers and grey woven waistcoat with red velvet trimming and a silver & black brooch.
Yellow and pink girl's checked wrap playsuit with frilly trimmings which ties up at the back.
This is our daisy pleated string top with a bow at the side. It ties up around the belly to the back of the top. We've got all the trend-setting tops ...
Blue denim short sleeve shirt and chinos beige shorts in blue & beige.
Trendy denim on denim light blue short sleeve shirt and shorts set.
We also have our denim on denim dark blue denim short sleeve shirt and trousers set.
Toddler girls shoulder-dotted, ruffle top in red, dark blue, green & white shorts set.
Our lovely Flower Bomb dress gives you a real summer look with its white spots, strips of yellow and strings on both sides which can be tied around th ...
Girly red or royal blue with mesh, floral and white spots. Diamond gems at the collar and waist of the dress. In red & royal blue.
Bespoke red and grey or brown and mustard 3 piece suit; shirt with bow tie, waistcoat, trousers and cap.
Funky patterned shirts, these cotton chino shorts are made from a cotton rich fabric for fantastic comfort.
A sweet dress for little girls. Brown and pink, or blue and pink strap dress with a pink bow in the middle. This dress also ties up at the back and th ...
Bespoke linen black round collar, long sleeve shirt with three black stripes. Gold & red line the centre covering the buttons. With brown corduroy tro ...
Kids boys short sleeve shirt in blue, peach or light green with faded white dots and dark blue shorts with side pockets.
Summer shirt in red and blue with short sleeves and denim shorts.
Dark and light blue shirt with brown checked trousers. This set also includes a bow tie, braces and a cap.
Cute boys short sleeve shirt in blue, peach or light green with faded white dots can be paired with shorts of your choice or with our favourite white ...
Smart vertical stripe, quarter length shirt and black or beige chinos. Perfect for special occasions.
Lime green, pink or yellow with blue pink and yellow strips. Pleated collar neck with butterfly embroidery. There is a small flower at the centre of t ...
Floral and checked dress in lime and red and pink and blue that ties up at the back.
For any occasion plain 100% cotton quarter length sleeve shirts (singles).
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