Let's be honest, kids cloths are expensive especially high-end brands, also the fact that kids easily outgrow their cloths makes shopping for them money consuming. As a result most parents try to find shopping alternative for their kids while still trying to give them the best, hence, thrift stores. Contrary to popular belief, thrift stores do not contain only rags or worn out clothing, there are amazing cloths present in thrift stores. Although this cloths need to be thoroughly dry cleaned and ironed to reduce the risk of germs since its most likely been worn by someone before, it is however pocket friendly. Its all about recycling as most thrift stores these days also serve as consignment stores. Here are 5 thrift stores you can check out for your kids:
Kidizen: if you need high-end brands for your kids at really affordable prices, this is your store. I'm talking about up to 70% off retail for neatly used cloths. You can also sell your kid's cloth on here as the store is also a consignment store.
ThredUp: This is one of the biggest online thrift and consignment store available. it's safe to say they have almost everything and brand your kids need and of course, since they have a name to protect the items are in very good shapes.
Etsy: This store has a vintage tops and cloths that you can thrift for your kids, with a variety custom and handmade pieces available to thrift. You can also thrift toys for you babies.
Depop: This thrift app has some unique and diverse fashion, though not everything on there is suitable for children some sellers still have fashion brands your kids will appreciate especially teenagers. Its also a consignment store.
Goodwill: This is the treasure store for all thrifters, you can shop anything for your kids right here, their items are neatly used and organized. Goodwill now has an online presence.

Thrift clothing are usual worn as casual wears, this allows your kids to play as much as they like without having to worry about ruining a new dress. In some cases you just might find a thrift good enough to serve as an occasional wear. It is however, unadvisable to thrift for new born babies as their skin are highly sensitive, toddlers and teenagers on the other hand are fair game especially teenagers, as their usually the ones with the long lists.
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