Anyone in a vacation mode? I mean school's out on break, or about to be depending on your location. Summer break is one of the best time for a family vacation, right after Christmas break. The weather, food and mood is just 10 times better than any other periods. However, the problem on taking kids for a trip, is packing the luggage. What will they need? What are the things you might need to buy when you get to your destination?, Well, I unfortunately cannot help you with all those decisions. I, however can help you in deciding stylish wears your child might need for the summer vacation:

Swimsuits: Depending on the location your vacation, a swimwear might be one of the necessary items to be packed, especially for water based areas. It’s summer and swimsuits are the perfect style for the rather warm weather. They’re different designs of swimsuits, some bikinis or one piece can be styles as tops on hot days.

Summer dress: They aren’t tight fitting, clingy or dull. While not all summer dresses are free and flowing, there is definitely always a bit of room for sweats not to cling to the dress. The colors and designs also appeal to the weather, thus, this is the perfect vacation style.

Bucket hat: Bucket hat, fisherman hat, session cap, or an Irish country hat. Whatever it’s called where your from, is a good summer vacation style. Easily paired with most outfit and leaves a fashionable taste afterwards. It comes cheap and kids love it. It can be worn also for camping trips.

Slip-on: It’s been heels, boots and sneakers all through the year, Change the style, get them slip-on. They’re Light, can be worn for different occasions, both casual, and formal. Even to the beach, as they’re very comfortable. You could also throw in one or two sandals in the mix to have options. Plus, it’s summer.

Wrist-watch: You might have tons of accessories in mind but ensure to pack your child a watch. It builds time management, or not. Wrist-watch is always a good look, anytime, any day. It compliments all styles.

Don’t forget to pack essentials such as underwear, pajamas, sunscreen and even, hiking boots, depending on your plans.

Enjoy your vacation.

Until Next Time,
Be safe.