It’s summer already in certain parts of the world. So why delay summer shopping? In any case, ambbytolani has definitely got your kids covered this summer. You think am exaggerating? Go check their website. Summer is the season of the year were shorts, sandals, colors and armless are fitting. Blame it on the heat. We, however, can’t just throw on any fit cause it’s summer. No! We can’t. Summer is still for fashion. Even for the kids. I’m reporting any parent that does that all summer long. Just joking. Am I though? Anyways to avoid this, here are 5 ambbytolani’s summer must haves:

Dottie set: This is definitely a summer hit! It is a toddler girl’s shoulder-dotted, ruffle top with shorts set. Can be worn for playdates, family outings and other occasions. It’s available in red, dark blue, green with white shorts. Oh what a time to be a toddler. This set is available for £14.99.

Daisy top: Here is another interesting find at ambbytolani. Although it’s stated as a top, it can be worn as a gown like the model on their website did. This pleated string top has a bow at the side and it ties up around the belly to the back of the top. These are the styles you want to see your child in. This top comes in red & white, and black & white. And is available for £14.99.

Pattern shirt and shorts: There are just as much for boys as they’re for girls on there. This caught my eye. The simplicity yet stylish combination of this set, plus the short is made of cotton, it’s cotton chinos. This paired with a loafers, and your child is the coolest kid this summer. It is available for £24.99.

Shirt and dark blue shorts set: Another one! The advantage of sets for me, is the fact that they can be paired perfectly with other outfits. In this set, it’s the shorts for me. It is has a side pocket and there is a line cutting from the center to the side. It’s very beautiful and unique. Available for £24.99.

Summer dress: This list is incomplete with ambbytolani’s summer dress. It is as the name implies, a summer dress. It has a pleated collar neck with butterfly embroidery, a small flower at the center of the waist which has side strings that can be tied up at the back. It’s available in lime green, pink or yellow with blue pink and yellow strips, for £19.99.

As parents/Guardians, we have no excuses. Every child deserves to feel and look beautiful. Check out for more summer outfits.

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