A Lot of fashion brands have clearance sales during the summer, as it’s the middle of the year. This gives access to shopping a lot of wears for cheaper prices than normal. Kids fashion brands also have summer sales, so this is the ideal time to shop for them.
Not all brands have clearance sales during summer, while most brands have their biggest sales at the end of the year, you would be surprised at the luxurious items that can be gotten during the half year clearance sales. Items can also have up to 60% discounts on them, depending on the stores. Kids shouldn’t be left out this summer, let them feel beautiful this summer. Make sure to shop as much for them as you intend to for yourself. Summer happens to be one season where Fashion is showed out in full, colors, fabric and style. All these things should be at the back of your mind when selecting the kids cloth.

Here are 5 stores that have ongoing clearance sales this summer:

Kohl’s: Kohl’s is having over 100s of items for sale this summer. Babies, Toddlers and teenagers wear are up for sale this summer at Kohl’s. Their online website is buzzing with different clothing options for your kids, from leggings to graphic tops to kids joggers to pajamas with socks, whatever you can think of for your child at beat down prices, just go check it out. Their clearance sales end on the 4th of July according to the site.

H&M: This store/brand is no foreigner to sales, so as expected H&M are having sales. This sales is for both walk-in stores and online. If the clothes up for sale on their website is any indication, you need to get your credit card and seize this opportunity. With over 700 items up for sale, this store has definitely got summer ready items for your kids. Floral jumpsuits, prints top, graphic tees, jean shorts, sandals, straw hat and many more are available for your kids at H&M store. Not sure when the sale end here.

Zulily: Zulily is having up to 70% sales now as you read. What better time to shop than now? You can get formal and casual wears for your kids in this store. Items here range from bolero, underwear, A dress line set, hoodies, ruffle pants, hooded playsuit, to graphic tops and many more. This store houses big brand name and they’re not left out of the sales. Zulily is where to shop for a bougie fashionable summer on sale. Cause the combination you can make out for you kids on their site will leave your kids the talk of summer.

Adidas: Adidas is having a July sale with 30% off, code JULY. So all athletic wears you’ve been eyeing all year long, you can cop now with 30% off, along for your kids too. Cause the sale is for both adult and children. Children, infant and teenagers, can shop hoodies, gym bras, cycling and basketball shorts, jackets, youth training set, adidas tee and many more Adidas items from their site and store today. Over 200 items up for sale this July, you can save up to 50 percent on some items this period.

Cotton:on: This store has 25% discount 
going on exclusive to online shoppers only. This store houses casual clothes. Ranging from track pants, tees, cardigan, hoodie, jean and many more. You can qualify for free delivery, as well as free return of items, though not unnecessarily. This store also has sales and deals on babies clothes, pajamas, onesies, swim wears and kids shoes.

The discount of the sales depends on the brand or store. Be on the lookout to find the one that will be convenient for you, while still ensuring you shop right for your kids.

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