Summer is arguably one of the most important fashion season, this might be as a result of the warm weather or maybe it’s the buss of colors it allows. Either ways, summer 2022 is almost at our door steps, the question is are your Kid’s summer ready? There are lots of activities that occur during this season such as summer camp, summer school etc, this requires careful consideration when shopping for kids. For some families, it’s a ritual for their child to attend such activities as summer camp yearly. So what are the clothes to pack for such occasions;

Jacket: Although, this period is known for its warm weather, it can be cold at night, also depending on the activity such as summer camp and it’s location. A jacket or a thick hoodie a good idea when packing for the summer.

T-shirt: Some camp have their own custom made Tees, showing the logo and name of the camp, some don’t. Same for most summer activities. T-shirts are essentials in the life of a child. Fun facts: there’s nothing like too many T-shirt.

Footwear: Recommended footwear(s) include; water shoes, trail shoes, tennis shoes, flip-flops and sandals. Also hiking boots, if it’s a camp, they’re likely to go hiking. Due to the heat, sandals and flip-flops should be packed.

Swimwear: It is summer after all. Water becomes much more appealing, so does the urge to cool off. Depending on the activity, if water will be close by, pack the swimsuit.

Accessories: I don’t care if it’s an adventurous trip, accessories should be packed. Hats, headbands and sunglasses are good accessories that can be packed for a summer activity. Summer trip but make it fashion!

There might other items needed depending on the activity but the items above can help with packing for almost all summer activities.

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