Lol. No, it doesn't really. Streetwears are casual wears that are mostly achieved by the combination of different street cloths to give a relaxed look. The runway is full of this look, ever since the 90s and the children are not left out. Every child now owns a streetwear brand in his/her wardrobe, as it has no gender limitation. Certainly, this younger generation approves of streetwears, so here is a list of 8 clothing that every parent will find in their child's wardrobe that are streetwears: 1. Hoodie: You bought this for them without knowing right? Hoodie is a certified streetwear clothing and it can be worn at any season depending on the thickness. Brands associated with it includes: Little giant, Balenciaga, off-White, Supreme, amongst other. It is gotten at affordable rate and its always fashionable. 2. High tops: I bet most parents are surprised right now seeing high tops on this list. But yes, high tops completes the street style. Brands associated with it includes: Nike, Sketchers, adidas, Converse, FILA amongst others. 3. Graphics T-shirt: Graphic tees make the statement itself, it lets everyone know you're street smart. Especially provocative T-shirt with slogans in them. Brands associated include: undefeated, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Off-white etc 4. Ripped Clothing: This street wear has a certain edginess attached to it. While its worn during summer, some children rock ripped cloths to school. Ripped Clothing can be achieved by picking up your desired cloth and a blade to cut into your desired style. So parents when you see this in your child's wardrobe, its not a rag. That's the "swag". 5. Bright Neon cloth: I think the fact that the color is just wrong makes it okay as a streetwear. Lol. Or unique. Either ways the children of this generation think its cool. Brands associated includes: Balenciaga, Off-White, Nike etc 6. Big Boots: Big boots are also among the list of items you will find in your child's wardrobe that is a streetwear. As soon as you see a pair of timberland in there, you know its on. Brands associated include: Timberland, The north face, Ugg, Danner etc 7. Chinos: Depending on the choice, either slim or baggy, chinos remain one of the most popular streetwear clothing. Top Chinos brand include: Gap, Uniqlo, Topman, Carhartt etc 8. Skinny Jeans: When it comes to streetwear, Skinny jeans take the lead as it is a staple to any outfi. Brands include: Levi's, rag and bone etc. Though most parents might be a little a skeptical about streetwears cause its not high fashion but its defiantly here to stay and its for the children and youth. If par adventure your child does not have a streetwear in his/her wardrobe something is wrong as this is a global trend. Until Next time XoXo