The biggest holiday season of the year starts in November with thanksgiving, apparently so does the biggest sales of the year. From Christmas sales, to boxing day sales, down to the after Christmas and New Year sales. There is a reason this season is a shopper's favorite. Being the end of the year, brands usually slash prices to as low as 50% discounts and many more offers. Clothes, shoes, gadget and accessories  kids have being admiring all year long becomes available to at a discounted price this period. Here are 5 stores to check out for sales this holiday:

Amazon: When it comes to sales, amazon is no stranger. From deals of the day where you're likely to get 40% off your purchase, now to black Friday and Christmas sales. This online store is definitely consistent in sales and it's on to shop for your kid this holiday. 

Carter's: As of last year, it was possible to get up to 70% off sales item at Carter's on babies, toddlers and kids clothes. This shows you how sweet of a deal this store has. Shop clearance sales at Carter's this holiday and save a lot on your kid's cloth.

Gap: There's probably that Gap jean your kid wants but you feel it's too expensive to spend on a pair of jean. Well, Gap sales make things easy by allowing you save up to 75% off purchase. Going for all stores, both in stores and online. With an extra save when you use a promo code, this store is one to checkout this holiday.

Macy's: Macy's is the right store for your kid's clothing this holiday. With their sales alway as low as 40-60% off, there is no better time to shop at Macy's than this period allowing you save a lot.

Nordstrom: The sales at Nordstrom isn't usually as much as some other stores, however, this is a home to some designer brands your kids want so much you can't afford. Luckily, they have end of the year sales which is a good way to cut down on season's biggest fashion apparel with about 25% off. I think it's reasonable.

While in somer stores, bigger sales may occur this year and some stores might not have as big a sale as they usually do due to the pandemic, we advise parents to be on look out starting from this period cause the sales have begun. This is the best time for shopping.

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