Does your child have on the right set of footwear this spring? If not, am here to remedy that. We all know how a shoe can make or break a person, if you don’t, ask Cinderella. Shoes carry the person in it and changes one’s whole appearance. Footwears are seasonal, rarely will you see same shoes worn for summer repeated in winter. Shoes and all other footwear are worn based on events, weather, colors, comfort, style, trend and preference. This year’s footwear trend is slightly different from that of last year, not that anyone was going out much last year. There is a probability that your child has them in their closet anyways as they are regular shoes among kids, but just in case, get your pen and paper cause you’re going shoe shopping for that child this spring. Here are 5 footwear that your kids should be wearing this spring:

Loafers: Loafers are timeless spring shoes amongst every age group. This shoe gives comfort and style at the same time. It can be worn out or in, with the right colors, the kids are spring ready. The style of loafer may vary depending on the designer but it is available in most stores including amazon, target, Walmart and Macy’s.

Sneakers: This might be one of the few exception to footwear being seasonal. I think sneakers can be worn any season, even hot summer. The colors and design will help you differentiate the season. Most kids have them in n their closet already, but if not. They’re available in all footwear stores.

Sandals: What’s a Spring without Sandals? This is footwear is essential for two seasons; spring and summer. Sandals give the feet comfort and room to breath, while still covering it. They come in different design, style and also, material; leather or rubber. With the right colors, your kids are spring ready. Check out See-Kai run, Amazon, Target, Walmart to buy one.

Slippers and Flip-flops: What does every Spring breaker have in common? Apart from being in Miami or wanting to go to Miami; Flip flops. This footwear is the most comfortable of them all and is best worn when by the beach, pool or just indoors. In rare occasions, Slippers can be worn out, the style and design must however suit the occasion. Slippers and Flip-flops can be gotten on Amazon, Walmart and all other fashion store.

Boots: Boots come in handy on chilled evenings indoor or outdoors, when the kids need a footwear to warm up their feet, also if they go camping or hiking. The outer leather of boot makes them appear stylish and can be paired with spring cloths. Rain boot is another footwear that should be in your child’s closet this spring, just cause “April showers bring May flowers”. Boots are available at Amazon, Ambbytolani, Target, nordstrom and all other stores.

Every child should have these shoess available in their closet this spring, if they don’t already.

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