In a couple of days spring will be upon us. Unlike 2020, where spring was bland and dull, due to the world experiencing the first phase of pandemic. 2021, looks to be different and a bit more exciting, as people realize they're safer once their nose mask is on, sanitized and practice social distancing. Spring has always been a season of bright color, unique and comfortable trends. We've got a few fashion trend for kid's to prepare for spring 2021. Gotten from the run way, instagram, fashion articles or Fashion blogs, here are 5 fashion trends for spring 2021:

Floral: Guess floral designs are in this spring. Not that floral is ever out of style but it looks like we will see a lot more of it this spring. So if you have anything against floral, well you might want to brace yourself. If your kid's have floral designs in their closet already, then they're spring ready.

Scarfs: That's right! Head scarfs were seen dominating fashion week. According to vogue, this hair protective material worn a lot In the 50s and 60s are coming big this spring. This silky material come in different design, patterns and colors. Adding the perfect finish to an outfit. So if your kid's don't have one yet? What are you waiting for?

Yellow Bags: in a previous article of ours, yellow was amongst the colors we mention for spring 2021. Well, the runway and other fashion outlets have proven us right. Yellow bags are definitely in. It's advisable to get them for kid's in a smaller size though, as the color is very bright and should be styled with other hue colors or monochrome ones.

Black face Masks: whether we want it or not, face mask are now automatically incorporated into our everyday fashion wears, same for our kids. And while people just put anything over their face these days, spring is bring a black themed face mask for everyone to wear.

Blue Accessories: Looks like a touch of  blue accessories in your child's outfit is considered cool for this spring. This will particular be interesting and stand out on a monochrome outfit or an outfit with deeper shade. It can be any accessories like bag, earrings, hat or even brooch. Depends on what you feel will work for them.

These are just a few tips to what will be trending this spring. It's works for both adult and kid's fashion. What better season to play dress up than spring?

Until Next Time,
Be Safe,