In this generation, everything and anything is posted on social media. You would be surprised at the type of things you can come across on social media. While not all things posted are delightful, Fashion is one of the many lifestyle social media has enhanced. 
So many aspects and knowledge of fashion is made available, thanks to social media. Example of such aspect being the parent and kids fashion. Seeing families include the little children posted in adorable wears is one of the blessing’s of social media. They get you smiling with their beautiful fashion combination. While most people just post on occasion, outfit and adventures with their family, there are thousands of fashion bloggers on social media who post family fashion and family interaction regularly. 

These are the account to follow for inspirations as a family. Or just for the good vibes. Once you’re on their page, you find it hard to leave. In fact, the whole page is filled with love. Here are 5 pages to check out on instagram:  

The Labrant Family (@family_labrant): Casual, dressy or in swimsuit, this family is picture perfect. While they all seem to have their individual Instagram pages. This family fan page is filled with love, fashion and memories. I love how the kids are dressed mostly in casual wears that can be gotten from stores like Child’s play, Macy’s or H&M. Serving inspirations and happiness to their 1.4M followers, this family consist of 2 beautiful girls, their younger brother and the parents.

The Diamond Family (@familiadiamond): Here is another showing siblings love, family interaction and most importantly, Fashion. There are occasionally individual features of the kids on the page, also all member of the family have their own individual Instagram account. This family page however boast a 1.3M followers glued to it. The family consist of the parents, their 2 lovely daughters and 2 sons.

The Fizz Family (@familyFizz): This is one of those families that should be featured on Christmas cards. Impeccable taste in Fashion, adorable pictures and fund memories. I love the fact that they occasionally wear matching outfits and everyone seem to be having a good time even the baby. This is family of 3 girls, a baby boy and the parents. They 550 thousand followers on Instagram. The sibling are always mostly together.

Suzanne Cohen (@gothamlove): Unlike other pages mentioned earlier, this page just features Suzanne and the kids. On occasions just individual pictures of her or the kids (either alone or together), they’re also adorable family pictures of them together. This is definitely a fashion family, from causal to chic. Kudos, to their style. The sisters match outfits from time to time. They have 58.1 thousand followers on instagram.

The Yawi Family(@yawivlogs): How Many kids do you consider too Many? 5? Cause this family has 7 lovely ones. Not much can be said for the fashion cause they most wear casual and on rare occasions match outfits. However, the page is fun to watch as they always have one thing or another going on for them, individual post or as a family.

There are many more family accounts like this on various social media platform. Reminding us of the peace, love and fashion in family.

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