Kid's favorite brand of shoe is sneakers. Every kid's definitely got a pair in their closet.  However, not all sneaker are advisably worn during fall/winter season, especially winter. This is cause some are not water resistant and some just can't keep the kids feet warm enough to play out in the snow. But kids still want their sneakers, they don't care about all of that. Which is why you must buy thicker and water resistant sneakers for them to keep them safe this cold season.

Here are 5 sneakers you can buy for your kids this season:

Sneaker-Inspired Snow Boots: This snow boot is sneaker inspired and looks great with a pair jeans as well as snow suit. Not your regular snow boots or sneakers but its perfect for the winter; kids can wear their sneakers to build a snowman. It's waterproof and the sole is made of rubber.

Fox Sneakers: Yeah, you read that right. There is such a thing as fox sneakers, it's adorable. It can be worn paired with a jean, dress, and skirt. It's gender neutral which means it is can be worn by both boys and girls. This a good addition to their fall/winter collection.

See Kai Run's Lightning Bolt High Tops: See Kai Run Basics' lightning bolt high tops is highly durable with a flexible rubber soles, the color and design is an added bonus, so is the hook and loop closure. 

Keen's Waterproof Hiking Shoe: This is perfect for every outdoor activities that your kids intend to take from fall to winter. This shoe is water resistant and has a lace secured to keep kids from falling 

Plae's Waterproof High Tops: This super cool shoes can be worn for any season and for any outdoor activities like hiking. It's water proof, durable and the sole has traction for enough friction with ground which prevents one from slipping.  It comes in blue, black and pink.

It's advisable for kids to have a pair of one of these in their closets, just in case they refuse to wear boots.

These sneakers are also very fashionable and can be paired to soothe their taste.

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Be Safe,