The biggest challenge one can face as a parent is lack of funds. In as much as you want the very best for your kids, your budget must be kept into consideration, which may not allow for as much luxury as you would have wanted. However expensive items don't usually equates quality, just like affordable items don't mean lack of quality. Affordability should be one of the most important factors to be considered when shopping, there are stores that ensure slaying within your budget. Here are 5 stores guaranteeing affordability and quality:


Old Navy

Old Navy offers a large selection of fashionable, trendy, and excellent quality of children's cloth at very affordable prices. Their cloths are long lasting, comfortable and always on sales. If you need a baby or kids T-shirt, jeans, swim wear, dresses or socks for your child, then check this store out.



H&M is that store. The one that shows you that you don't need to have the whole money in the world to look good.  Check out their online store to get a glimpse of what I mean, you will be impressed I assure you. They create clothing for newborns, toddlers, teenagers and adult.


Children’s Place

There seem to always be an online sale or special promo at the Children's Place. A one stop store for your newborn or kids clothing that includes boots, tees, trendy tops, occasional wears and swimwear. This store has got you covered.



The first thing that comes to mind seeing Amazon is pricey, but did you know it's not all the brands that are on amazon that are pricey. You will find some amazing fashion brands on here for your kids that only cost a dime.



With a variety of children's clothing Walmart has great deals and is one of the beat stores to shop for your baby or toddler especially when you're on a tight budget. Items like uniform pants and shirts can go for as low as $10.


When shopping, cutting your coat according to your size or in this case the size of your pocket is key. Fashion is the style we create and when you realize your kids want a brand you can't afford, create an affordable alternative for them.


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