Growing up, I think almost every little girl is obsessed with the idea of wearing their mom’s shoes. Parading in them, even though they can barely walk in them. They see the beauty in heels, if am not mistaking, better than adults. Thankful designers see this also, hence, the heeled shoes made for girls too. Unlike the adults 3,4-6inches heels, theirs are usually in cute kitten Heels or a wedge. This is a way of introducing them to the art of heels.  The height of the heels makes them appear taller, adding sophistication to the looks and well, making them look like mommy when she’s dressed up. From the age of 5, down to the time of prom, girls fascination with heels grows intensely, so does their love for it. It’s very easy to buy a pair for your child as most children fashion store sell them. We however, recommend 5 stores you can shop from:

Nordstrom: This store has houses top  shoe designers like Steve Madden, Nina, Mini Melissa amongst others. They have high heels available for kids from age 4 and above. In different colors and designs. There is also a variation in price range, where Mini Melissa model block heel sandal is sold for $80, Steve Madden’s JCarrson Ankle Strap Sandal is being sold for $60 with a 60% discount on going presently, you buy it at just $24 for your child.

Amazon: Amazon is definitely one store to check out if you plan on getting high heels for your child. First off, it has cheaper heel shoes even though the prices still vary. It also has variety of heels to chose from. There are Mary Jane kitten heels, open toe strappy heels, pumps platform high heels and many more.

Walmart: This store not only has affordable high heels for kids, it has an amazing collection of them. I took my time window shopping on their website and I must confess it’s one of the best. There are heels for formal parties, causal outing, birthday parties, there is even high heels for newborn baby on there. Even if, am totally against that, but do you.

Target: The shoes with high heels for kids I saw on their website was limited, maybe there’s more in their walk-in store. However, the ones they have are what your kids will love. Disney themed shoes; princess aurora, Frozen heeled boot. Won’t be surprise if Cinderella’s missing shoe is found on there. There are surprisingly affordable.

Kohls: Kohls is another store to get child appropriate high heels, plain old Mary Jane high heels and wedge heels in different design and of course, different prices.  This shoe can be worn for different occasions and even as school shoes.

When shopping remember that the heels must not be high cause it will not only be uncomfortable for them but they might end up calling and bruising themselves.

Until Next Time,
Be Safe,