Just the third month into the year 2022 and the styles are already rolling in especially with the shoes. Shoes seen on kids this period although similar to those of previous year appear in new styles and designs. These shoes are what fashion is made of; confidence, comfort and style. Do you remember what fashion was back in the day? Well I do, and I’m glad it has evolved. Sharing similarities with adult trends, they still appear unique and just right for kids. Here are Designs/prints/colors creating a buzz on social media;

Tie-Dye prints: if you’re frequent on social media then you’ve definitely come across more than 10 kids wearing this print, especially on Instagram. Brands such as crocs, Fila, Nike etc. This print is also available on clothes too in brands like Dior, Prada. While most adults already own a pair, it’s very beautiful and necessary for your child to have one as well.

Zebra Prints: Sure fashion has evolved but from time to time, styles of old are incorporated into evolution. Zebra print has been and will be in fashion, however, it now appears in a more delicate tones such pink, gold and white and silver. These prints are now seen frequently on shoes and sandals making them stylish.

Denim Colors: Denim color has been one of the most worn color of shoes for kids this early period of the year. Might have to do with the soft, natural feel and appearance, it’s been sported on both boys and girls footwear such as loafer, sneakers and trainers. It compliments almost any cloth, so I can see the reason why it’s trending.

Mirror prints: Mirror prints aren’t new to fashion. Kids love shiny objects, and their reflection amuse them. As a result; metallic shoes, silver, champagne colors are very much still worn by kids. Hence why it’s seen frequently on social media, plus they compliment the footwear.

Bow and flowers: For little girls, bows and flower designs have always been their favorites. It’s no different this year. As lots of kid’s brand have collections with bow or flowers designs. This is a staple for every little girl, hence, a forever trend.

There are many more designs and trends for kids, make sure your child isn’t left out.

Until Next Time,
Be Safe.