If there is one item that should be carefully selected when shopping for children, it is the underwear. The underwear has a direct contact with the skin and intimate parts of the body where it can easily cause irritation if the fabric isn’t right. Most children’s skin is sensitive, especially in months old babies and toddlers, as a result one needs to shop with extra care. Also in the name of fashion some designers are producing children’s underwear with zero regards to their comfort and age. I don’t care what generation we’re in, I believe children’s underwear should be conservative, comfortable and cotton. But that’s just me, in case you’re reading this and you feel otherwise, my bad.
Getting colorful or graphically designed underwear for your kids, makes them want to wear the underwear frequently and willingly especially if their favorite characters are designed on it. While some designers are switching things up, there are a few kid’s underwear brands that stay to the cause and are recommended for sensitive skin. Here are a 5 tested and trusted kid’s underwear brands for sensitive skin according to reviews:

Carter’s: This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as this brand specializes in creating comfort for kids. This brand has a fine reputation that precedes and stands for them, well according to our reviews and research, it is true. Their underwear is produced with an extra soft material that is breathable, washable, without shrinking but most importantly perfect for sensitive skin. Elastic bands at the waist and thighs, also come in attractive designs.

Primary: Primary kid’s underwear is one of the most affordable underwear for children out here. The primary brand is also generally known by it’s good reputation, love of colors and simplicity. Which is displayed in their kid’s underwear. Repeated reviews have claimed it to be comfortable, soft and recommended for sensitive skin.
Marvel Hero underwear: I almost wouldn’t have added this to the list due to the fact that the sizes are limited but this underwear is perfect for sensitive skin. It is made from organic cotton, with soft and colorful prints your child will want to wear all day. Their underwear is comfortable, breathable and affordable. It is elastic by the waist and thighs to keep from falling off your boy’s body.

Bobo choses: Another organic cotton produced underwear brand, you can be rest assured your child’s underwear has little to no chemical involved in its production. Which is great for sensitive skin. Their underwear also does not shrink or stretch out and has been described as “sophisticated” with their designs.

ARQ: ARQ produces gender-neutral underwear comfortable for both boys and girls to wear down to it’s colors. Their underwear is made from organic cotton, produced in America. It is ideal for sensitive skin, comfortable and soft. It can also be passed down, which I will advise against. ARQ underwear is also quite affordable.

The list above is for sensitive skin, there are other brands just as good as the listings, a proper research should be done before just shopping for underwear for your kids if you know and understand how their skin reacts.

Until Next Time,
Be Safe