Pyjamas is meant for comfort, as most kids are awake in their nightwear way before they actually sleep watching TV, listening to bed time stories and so on. it's perfect for lazy weekend mornings. However, getting your child the right pyjamas can be challenging cause some pyjamas after washing will shrink, some are itchy and some fabrics are just plain uncomfortable. Putting all this in mind, I decided to research on pyjamas brands, read reviews from people and analyse just how well its selling. So here is a list of 7 pyjamas brand you will not regret buying: 1. Primary Primary is a brand known for creating simple and quality basics at an affordable price. Primary pyjama has both long sleeve to short sleeve tees, shorts, and long pants. It is available in different shades and several colorful patterns. Can be gotten as low as $10. 2. Next Next has variety of pyjamas with different bold and bright colours. Their pyjamas are available for 0-16 years of age. The PJs don’t fade or shrink no matter how many times you wash them, It is extra cozy and perfect for lazying around. 3. Hatley Hatley PJs are made from 100 percent organic cotton, it's eco-friendly and print driven. A favorite among children especially the glow in the dark fossils pyjamas set. 4. Marks and Spencer This popular UK brand makes pyjamas for both boys and girls from 0 -16years of age. It's a favourite among the teenagers has it comes in different creative form such as star wars stormtrooper. It’s warm, doesn't shrink and washes well. 5. Gap Gap caters for babies from 0 - 24 months. It's size ranges from S to XXL. Gap pyjamas set are made from very soft cotton and their collaboration with Disney is iconic producing very classy pyjamas set such as Disney mickey mouse short PJ set. 6. Amazon Essentials Amazon essentials kids has a vibrant, long lasting pyjamas. Review shows its very durable, the color won't fade even after multiple washing. Oh, did I mention its affordable!! 7. Vaenait Vaenait baby pyjamas set are made of 100 percent cotton, if your child has sensitive skin. Then this is the PJ for them. They are created for ultimate comfort. Getting the right pyjamas is essential and saves you from first hand embarrassment when its time for your child to have a sleepover at their friends place. Remember nobody wants to understand that you just bought that pyjamas that shrunk the first time you washed it. When considering fabrics, its advisable to go with 100 per cent cotton as it’s soft, cosy and affordable, however, Organic cotton is just as soft, even gentler on the skin and environment but it's more expensive than the latter.

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