It’s a new year, it’s only right to expect a new trend, Right? Well, from the look of the few days of 2022, I think most trends from 2021 will be repeated this year. Sad, I know. But not to worry, if anything new comes, I will be sure to get you on it. We need to keep our fingers crossed. While outfits might be repeated, styles can change. So I will be giving few tips on how to wear old styles new. You really don’t need to go new year shopping for your children now, if you can’t afford it. Things at the beginning of the year are always tight, just follow this style tips for them and I can assure you, you won’t have hear no complain.

Dresses: Dresses are lovely and can be worn to several occasions. They vary depending on the style, designs and fabric. How can you make a regular dress, stand out? Have you thought of adding a jacket? That’s the first step in adding spice to a dress. If it doesn’t fit, add belts. There are different types of belts out there and affordable ones too, incase you don’t have. Try it, it works.

Jeans: Your child is probably complaining about wearing this jeans the whole of last year, whew! Definitely time for a change but you check your purse and not enough for a jeans. My first suggestion? Go on YouTube to find how to sew. Lol, just kidding. But still go on YouTube, but first the store, Get materials needed to accessories, a scissors, glue or needle and thread. Check how to design a jean online. Create a new jean.

Scarfs: incorporate scarfs into your style this year. There is a sophisticated air that comes with tying a scarf round the neck, hair or even bag. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, as long as it’s presentable. It could even be an old one in your wardrobe, rebrand your style. Your daughter can also join in this.

Accessories: I mean Accessories, not wearing a sing chain and stud earrings. Let me see the actual accessories. That’s right. Accessories all 2022. But don’t over do this, also not all outfit can stand this so it’s best to know what outfit to do it with. But incorporate extra into 2022, that’s how to make it different.

Colored shoes: 2021 was full of nudes and black. Pick out every colored shoes in your closet, it’s time to put it to use. When matched well, styles becomes unique. Children should only live in black, white and brown also. Let the colors in 2022.

There are a different other ways to look brand new in old wears this 2022, do this for your kids and yourself. I mean, how many of the shoes and outfit you got at ambbytolani last year, did you really rock well? Be sure to post and tag us on our Instagram handle.

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