Whether you approve of it or otherwise, Halloween is fast approaching. Which means kids are about to dress up as their favorite characters, go trick or treating. Certain schools approve of this ritual, encouraging kids to dress up in their costumes to school. Halloween is based on creativity, in which case, you snooze you loose . As a parent it's your responsibility to make sure your child emerges in an halloween worthy costume and also loves it. It's not compulsory to buy costumes, you can easily get the materials from the stores and create amazing costumes for them yourselves. But if peradventure, you're like me with zero creative gene in your blood, here are 6 stores to get Halloween costumes for kids:

Amazon: Amazon is the easiest and fastest store to shop Halloween costumes, they have an interesting range of costumes available and the prices are affordable although some can be a bit expensive. You can get kids full costume on Amazon.

Walmart: From Cinderella to prince charming, Walmart has a bunch of creative Halloween outfit for kids. If you're aiming for a fun, spooky but yet creative Halloween costume for your child. I recommend this store, also at an affordable rate.

Argos: Argos has Halloween Costumes for kids ranging from princesses to vampire, they also sell decorations in case you want to decorate for Halloween.

Smiffy: This store has interesting Halloween outfit available for kids. Some of their costume has with a safety nest, that makes it secure for your children.

Fancy dress: This store has the perfect outfits to go trick or treating in, a massive selection of option is made available for kids at low prices.

Target: If extra was a person, the halloween costumes i spied at target will be it. you want your child to stand out and look different entirely, shop from target. Although the prices might not be as affordable as the other stores, target definitely gives you a run for your money and has quality to back it up.

Halloween is like any other holiday,only difference is you get to be somebody else for a day, isn't that the dream? Playing dress up with the kids and creating memories. 

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