A week till it’s Halloween. Are you prepared? Have you gotten costumes for your kids? Let’s be clear last year’s Halloween needs a do-over. There are a million and one ideas of how to dress your child up for Halloween. Either your kid is going trick-or-treating for candy, a party, or even a fright-fest enthusiast, every child should be in a costume. Halloween costumes encourages imagination, creativity and fun. And please no repetition of costumes for your kids this Halloween, if you can’t afford to buy a new one get your creative side out, go to a dollar store and create the best costumes they’ve ever seen. There is a certain excitement attached for kids when they see a new outfit or item, could be something as small as a mask or a wand. They get to talk to their friends about it or anyone that cares to listen.
Need help on where to shop this year’s Halloween costume for your kids. Here are 5 stores to check out;

Walmart: looking for cheap halloween costumes for your kids. Here is the place to visit. You can get a full-on costume for as low as $22, I’m sure even cheaper if you look further. They have a creative range of costumes for kids also, from dinosaurs to burger and many more. If you’re hoping to save cash, check them out.

Hanna Andersson: Popularly known for its use of organic cotton to create wears. This brand apparently creates amazing costumes. Halloween costumes are sorted on the website into costumes, play clothes, matching family pajamas, baby’s first Halloween, kids pajamas, and characters. Making easy for you to select your choice. The quality is top-notch and can last for a very long time.

Etsy: unlike other retail stores, Etsy costumes are handmade. You can state what you desire for your child and it will be made available to you. The down side is that it might come at a slightly more expensive cost than normal but you can be rest assured that it’s to yours and your child’s taste and measurement.

Amazon: Amazon has the highest Halloween costumes options, with different designers and ranges in prices. Be sure to go on amazon first before hitting up individual retail stores for your or your child’s costume. You can also get every other Halloween items such as décor, party supplies, and candy on here.

Great Pretenders: came across this Canadian brand while searching for Halloween costumes for kids. They ship world wide if you’re interested in getting from them directly, or you can buy on amazon or Etsy. Their customers are worth it from capes to mermaid customers to superheroes. Most of their items can also be used to play dress up even after Halloween.

Halloween is fun and should be memorable for all. Make sure you make it one for your child and yourself.

Be Safe,
Until Next Time.