Fashion requires inspiration. These inspirations can be from different sources, for now however, social media is the pillar of most fashion ideas. Apps like Pinterest, Instagram and Tick tock, allows for trends to be set. As adults when confused on how to style an outfit, we go online to get ideas, we go as far as YouTube videos to get them. Kid’s outfits should require as much effort. You don’t necessarily have to follow trends to make a statement. Your child can be a trendsetter, it all boils down to the effort and care you put into it. Kids in fashion are getting paid, whether as models, brand influencers or content creators. Even if that’s not the aim, looking good is still good business. Here are 5 Instagram kid influencers for some inspiration:
Nyjah Rinato: This beautiful 7years old boy is an Instagram model represented by sugar kids. He is from Brazil and has modelled for Mango kids, Zara kids, daily brat etc. His style is causal as he is mostly sporting a Tee (long or short sleeve), shorts or long trousers, socks and canvas. The styling of his outfit and his pose makes him stand out.

Coco: This 11years old Tokyo Beauty has style. Her style isn’t defined, other than her love for flared pants. Every other style on her page is different from the other, I love it. She wears, styles and embodies each outfit, her posture is also everything. She was on the cover of Anon kids magazine December issue 2020, YOHO! Little magazine autumn 2019 issue cover as the next fashion diva, Elle japan October issue 2018. She is that girl.

Quenisha Qiana: This young queen is the definition of a model. Her account is ran by her mom, with about 298k followers on Instagram. Her style varies from girly girl to a tomboy look, she definitely switches her looks, it’s no wonder she has so many followers. She models for fashionova kids. Her style is very interesting to watch.

Laiyah: Grammy award winning Musician Monica Denise and her daughter laiyah are top Mother daughter duo forces on Instagram. With 8years old Laiyah being a mini fashion icon and inspiration on her own, pictures of her alongside her mother wearing matching clothes, which is vast on her page just pulls the strings of our hearts.
Stella and Blaise: This siblings definitely have fun, that’s for sure. They have a vibrant fashion sense each with their own individual sense of style while being similar. Their page is full of fashion, fun, family and friends. People enjoy this, I know I do, along with their 62k plus followers. They have a collection design at Macy's. Young entrepreneurs in fashion. What other inspiration do you require?.
The only thing we are taking from these little pumpkins are notes.

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