Celebrities or public figures are generally known to start fashion trends especially those in the entertainment and fashion industry. That being said, the celebrities with kids tend to extend their fashion and creative side with their kids making them appear just as fashionable as themselves.
While a regular working class parent can help combine a good fit for their kids, celebrities tend to have more access to styles due their exposure and ability to set trends. I mean, let’s be honest we want our kids to wear what is in vogue and considered cool amongst their peers. For example, If North West wears leather pants or a jacket repeatedly, in a specific season every modern parent viewing/seeing that picture know that it’s okay for their kids to wear leather.

The paring of this clothing item will come as a result of her mother’s fashion influence. Which can be recreated or at least gives you an insight to ways which your kids clothing can be styled. While not all public figure/celebrity kids impress us fashionably, a few stand out and give us fashion ideas, inspiration or even set trends regularly. Here are 5 we admire:

North west: Recently spotted in an all black ensemble for her father’s album listening party which her mother, Kim, reported she chose herself. What do we expect from the daughter of two fashion gurus. Prior to that, the 8 years old has been giving fashion inspirations to both adults and toddlers her age since birth. Having covered fashion magazines because of her style. North West is always spotted in high-end designers, her style varies depending on the occasion. From chic to edgy and daring, on some occasions casual, she is definitely unpredictable in her looks.

Prince George: Where can you get the greatest inspirations from if not from royalties. Whether prince George likes it or not the paparazzi is always ready to get pictures of this toddler. His style can be described as casual but poise, which is befitting for the great grand child of the Queen. The prince dresses appropriately for a toddler and his style is one most toddlers can imitate or replicate with a lesser cost clothing’s depending on finances.

Stormi Webster: When it comes to fashion we know the Kardashian/Jenner clan are well schooled in it. It’s no surprise that stormi webster might just be one of the most fashionable celebrity kids in the world. Not really about the expensive clothes but more on how effortlessly combined her clothes come together. It’s obvious Kylie takes her time and loves to play dress up with her child as evident on her Instagram posts or even her unaware paparazzi pictures. Her styles are be casual but they’re chic. Definitely how I would want my 3 year-old daughter to look.

Zhuri James: Zhuri is the definition of black girl magic. From her hair styling down to her outfit, this little 6 year old understands the assignment every time. She dresses in style for occasions and casual on some days. Her Instagram page @allthingszhuri is managed by her parents who will have you wishing for a baby girl. Always finishing her look with a smile, LeBron James' daughter shows toddlers how effortless fashion can be.

Blue-Ivy Carter: We don’t see as much of Ms. Carter as we will have loved to see. But when we do see her either modelling her mom’s brand, a cameo in her mom’s music video or on her mom’s Instagram post. Even a lucky paparazzi shot. We are reminded that she is the Daughter of the Queen Bey and Jay Z, as a result she’s not new to it. But true to it. Her style ranges from casual to whatever she decides is next. She can serve as a fashion inspiration to both toddlers and teenagers. Let the blue in them come out.

There are many more celebrity kid’s that serve fashion inspiration. Replicating viewed styles on your children might prove to be difficult either due to financial reasons or you just not liking the outcome on your child. That’s okay. Not all inspirations are for you, just style however you can.

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