Wearing one brand from head to toe is the definition of a “Big flex”. As this makes one stand out and noticeable, I especially find it attractive on kids. Brands now specialize in designing the full fit, from cloths to shoes and bags, some even create accessories. The downside to this is that, their usually more expensive than the regular clothing store, as most are high-end brands. However, the total appearance makes every penny spent worth it. The appearance can be formal or casual, regardless, there is a brand for it all. Some brands create for both adult and children, which means the family can match. But we are focused on the kids and brands the can “flex” in. Here are top 5 brands that create a full look drop for kids:

Fendi: Fendi creates cloth, shoes, bags, cap, socks and even stroller, if you want the new born to match their clothing. The age range of their production is from infant to adult. This brand is however, quite expensive. You can purchase their Mesh junior sneakers from €380 above, kids open toe sandals €342, etc. The overall appearance takes your child’s look to the next level. Fendi products can be gotten from their website, walk-in stores or at Nordstrom.

Balenciaga: This brand infused sport wear into it’s design and has been unstoppable ever since. This luxury brand is everywhere you go, staring right at you. Balenciaga creates joggers, sneakers, tees, caps, socks, skirts, gowns, shoes and so much more. This brand also has a kid line that is every parents dream for their child. But it’s most likely to put a dent on their pocket, like their Balenciaga Kids' Speed Sock Sneaker (Toddler & Little Kid) which cost $425.00 or the Balenciaga Small Neo Classic City Leather Top Handle Bag which cost $2,250.00. This brand can be gotten from their store either online or walk in, child play clothing, Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom.

Gucci: Growing up for me, Gucci was that brand. Still is. If a child stepped out in Gucci from head to toe, there was a certain level of class attached to the appearance. How I felt as a child, is still the same as an adult. This brand is timeless, that alone makes the price worth it. Gucci creates shoes, clothes, bags, sneakers, joggers, cap and so on. You can get both formal and informal wears for your kids in this brand. It can be gotten at their stores both walk-in or online, Nordstrom, Harrods or at Neiman Marcus.

Louis Vuitton: This was also a popular brand in my childhood. Still in good taste even now. It’s been sighted as the most luxurious brand. This brand creates every thing your child can think of in regards to physical appearance which includes accessories. If you can afford it, your child can have a Louis Vuitton closet. The brand is available in their stores both online and walk-in, Nordstrom, Harrods and Neiman Marcus.

Nike: This is one of the most popular brand for kid’s. Most have to with their unique designs and comfortable creations. Nike is also an high-end sporting brand. Unlike some other stores however, Nike is deemed affordable and their production is on sneakers, headbands, socks, joggers, tracksuit, head tie, complete baby set and tops. Nike brand can be gotten in their stores, walk in or online or at Zappos.

Although this brands are money consuming, they make children look and feel good, even among their peers.

Untill Next Time,
Be Safe.