Wearing yoga, athletic or active wear doesn't mean you're about to participate in any energy burning activity. Active wear can doubled as regular clothing, giving a street style appeal. The casual, reserved and laid back appearance allows it to be worn both inside and outside the house. Most athletic brands have active wear available for kids. The kid's line are made available for babies, toddlers and teenagers depending on the brand. Here are 5 popular active wear brands for kids:

Nike: This is one of the most popular athletic brand in the world. Even more popular among teens for their active wear. Their designs, fabric and style has made them at the top of every active wear brand and one of the most recommended till date. 

Adidas: Adidas produces high quality active wear, being the second largest manufacturers of athletic wear in the world. This brand is guaranteed to bring your kids comfort and style. Making active wear appear like every other regular cloths kid's wear.

Puma: This brand is a luxurious one, that makes active wear worn by professional athletes. This brand is another athletic brand highly sought after by teenagers especially females. Their designs and colors cause most attraction.

Reebok :Reebok can be recommended more for their active wear. While their athletic wears aren't terrible, the active wear is superb. These clothes are like every regular clothing for example like their workout leggings and can be worn casually without a need for working out.

Ivy park: Beyonce did her thing with this collection. While there are other active wear brands deserving to make it to this list more, this is Beyonce. The active wear is not available for toddlers unfortunately, but teenagers are lucky. Ivy park has one of the most beautiful active wears you will find ever.

Active wear is worn as regular clothing a lot. Nothing surprising here people. More brands are making active wears for kids as time goes on even non-athletic brands.


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