Winter is the coldest season of the year, this is in regards to both it's weather and fashion. The snow is out, gloves on and the jacket worn. Jackets are essential for everyone during this season as it keep us warm and comfortable. Some prefer coat. Some people wear both. Some jackets may be worn for other seasons in the year, however, it is a requirement for winter. Some jackets keep you warmer than others depending on their quality and fabric. Instead of stuffing the body with multiple jackets or coats to keep warm. You can carefully select one jacket that will provide warmth for you or your kids. Here are 5 brands of jackets you can cop for your kids this winter: 

The North face: This brand is one of the best for outdoor wears right now. Their jacket is everything your kid needs this winter. However, depending on your pocket, this jackets aren't cheap but very much worth it. The North face has match set available as well. The jackets are all available in different colors and designs.

REI: Here is another top brand for outdoor wears. Just like The North face, REI manufactures other outdoor items for camping, rain and winter. Except REI is actually affordable compared to The North face. They still provide quality items. REI also offers free shipping With $50 minimum purchase. REI's Jacket guarantees premium warmth and is waterproof.

Patagonia: Patagonia's jacket is one to get for your toddlers. The jacket had layers, and some have hoodies. They're soft and has internal elastic at the cuffs. It's guaranteed to give them warmth and make them more comfortable. The price of this brand is a bit on the high side. But you can still get affordable items from the brand. They're having free expedited Shipping for Orders over $99 by December 22nd 11am PT for delivery by December 24th.

Rab: This Brand's jacket is similar to The North face, it is rather affordable compared to The North face though. The jacket is light weight and breathable. Rab uses recycled 30D nylon Pertex Quantum for the outer of it's jacket and the jacket's filled with Nikwax hydrophobic finish. Which makes it one of the most weather-resistant jackets ever. Rab jackets are generally durable and last for years.

Marmot: This is one of the most stylish jacket brand on this list, if not ever. It's made for this generation of kids.

Although they have occasional sales, the regular cost of these jackets are high. But it's worth it. Marmot jacket will keep your child warm and dry while looking fly. That's the best of both worlds.
It's important to note that selecting a jacket doesn't mean it should be boring. Colors, designs on jackets will help bring style into the overall look.

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