Yearly, during summertime the term ‘hot girl' summer is rampantly used. This word has been coined for how ladies intend to looking their best, feel their best. Here is a thought for people with kids, how about a hot kid summer too? I mean summer is hot enough as it is, the least we could do for them is make sure they are cool enough to keep up. Unlike the hot girl summer, however, where we worry about keeping fit, all a kid needs is to be dressed right. Let’s do it different 2021, last year wasn’t the best for summer. Let’s focus on kid’s this summer, making them appear their best even if you have to shop differently for them. A change of wardrobe never hurts, you were planning on it for your hot girl summer anyway, So just spend it on your child instead. Summer is that season!. A season where sandals are in, Snow boots are out, Light jackets are in, thick jackets out, confused? Not to worry. Here are 5 places to shop for your child this summer:

Ambbytolani: You need to check out their shoe collection for your kids this summer. New and refreshing, exactly what this year needs. They have clothing items like floral dresses, denim jeans and playsuits to make this summer a fashionable one for your child and you too, if those amazing sandals and slippers on their website are anything to go by. At a reasonable price, this summer might just be their best yet.

Carter’s: I believe in colors, I believe in quality, I believe in affordability, thus, I believe in Carter’s. I think I just created a slogan for this store. Lol. But for real, while on hot kid summer, Carter’s is a store to check out. Especially for infants and toddlers, this store will have them hotter than summer. If you shop here regularly, try switching things up this summer. Play with colors and patterns while shopping this summer.

Amazon: I don’t care what anyone says; but nothing beats shopping in the comfort of your home. Probably multitasking (doing laundry, cooking or helping the kids with assignments) or even at a relaxed and comfortable pace. Amazon has about 40,000+ items for Kid’s summer cloth search result. I’m sure you can find something to work with on there.

Old Navy: What if you can eat your cake and have it? What if you have both hot kid’s summer and hot girl summer together? Shopping for your child and you on the same website, with Up 50% discount available. Old Navy is having a clearance sale that allows you to get the best deals this summer, a Mommy and Me deal is part of it.

Macy’s: Macy’s provide clothes for every season but am convinced their best clothes are for the summer. There’s a lot to choose from and they provide for all ages of kids, from infants to toddlers and teenagers, even a baby showers (summer or otherwise). This is definitely one of many favorite kids store for parent to shop. Whether walk-in or online, Macy’s is a good store to shop in.
With just less than 4 weeks to the beginning of summer, it’s not too late to start shopping and making changes to make this a hot Kid’s summer. Kids easily outgrow their clothes, so remember to shop light and wisely.

Untill Next Time,

Be Safe.